One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a popular edible product that combines chocolate’s rich and indulgent taste with the powerful psychoactive properties of psilocybin mushrooms. This innovative and convenient product offers a discreet and enjoyable way for individuals to consume psilocybin, a naturally occurring compound found in many mushrooms.

One Up Mushroom Chocolate Bar typically contains a moderate dose of psilocybin, ranging from 1-2 grams of dried mushrooms per bar. This dosage is considered moderate and suitable for both novice and experienced psychedelic users.

What is a chocolate mushroom bar?

The 1 Up chocolate mushroom is a psychedelic magic mushroom created by the One-up brand. Many dispensaries, especially in the US, claim to sell authentic 1-bar mushrooms, but we recommend purchasing authentic psychedelic chocolate bars from the official mushroom website.

What is a Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar?

If you’re looking for a tasty way to enjoy magic mushrooms, you’ll love our classic milk chocolate bar. Our magic mushroom milk chocolate will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. Each chocolate bar contains 3.5 grams of high-quality chocolate-infused magic mushrooms.

Where are mushroom chocolates made?

One Up Bar Mushrooms has a rich history of bringing the California chocolate tradition to the world. Our chocolates are made in Vancouver with one-up shroom bars, more cocoa, much less sugar and 100% natural ingredients.

What are the best riser bars?

Chocolate with mushrooms. Each bar one-up mushroom bar contains 3.5 grams of shrooms and is perfect for micro-dosing if you have little or no tolerance. It is therefore advisable to enjoy the amazing experience with close friends and family. One-up bar online. Chocolate mushrooms. Psilocybin, the reviews of One bar can be analyzed based 1 up mushroom bar on the amount used to create the infused edible.


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