Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark


Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark is a dark brown to reddish-brown plant material harvested from the inner bark of the Mimosa Hostilis tree. The bark is usually dried and ground into a fine powder for various purposes. The texture of the bark is fibrous and slightly stringy, and it has a distinctive aroma often described as earthy or woody.

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Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, also known as Jurema Preta, is a perennial shrub native to the Northeastern region of Brazil. It is highly valued for its medicinal and cultural properties and has been used for centuries by various indigenous tribes for therapeutic and spiritual purposes. The plant contains various active compounds, including alkaloids, flavonoids, and tannins, which are believed to have numerous health benefits, including anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant effects. Additionally, the root bark of the Mimosa Hostilis plant contains a potent psychedelic compound known as DMT, which has been used in traditional shamanic practices for thousands of years. Despite its cultural significance and potential medicinal properties, Mimosa Hostilis has also been controversial due to its association with the illicit drug trade and recreational drug use.

Is mimosa hostilis legal in the United States?

The plant known as Mimosa Hostilis is completely legal in the United States, including any part of the plant (live plant, bark, seeds) and the sale of the plant. The mimosa hostilis bark trade is not regulated by the FDA, and buyers can buy confidently in the United States.

Can I order Mimosa hostilis root bark in shredded form?

You can order Mimosa Hostilis (Mimosa Tenuiflora) root bark in shredded form when that is what your product needs. We sell MHRB powder ground mimosa hostilis  when you need a more refined plant form. We source high-quality Grated Yellow B. Caapi from South America and ship it from the United States.

What is mimosa root bark used for?

Several methods of extracting the root bark of Mimosa Hostilis are also applied to obtain tannins used to dye fabrics, skin and other art and beauty products. Our mimosa bark store is the primary source for purchasing inner root bark, freshly imported from Brazil and always shipped from the United States.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Overview

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark, also known as Jurema Preta, is a plant species native to South America, specifically Brazil, which indigenous people have traditionally used for various purposes, including medicinal, spiritual, and religious. The plant contains a psychoactive compound called DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which has recently gained popularity for its potential therapeutic uses.

Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark has increased, it is now widely available online. It is often used to extract DMT, which is then consumed in various forms, such as smoking or drinking tea. However, it is important to note that the legality of DMT and its extraction methods vary by country and state, and it is crucial to research and follow the laws and regulations in your area.


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